Mentoring Options

The Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program does not believe in a “one size fits all” mentoring experience. As a result, we have intentionally created the program to be as flexible and modifiable as possible to allow each mentee to design a custom user experience based on their professional interests and needs.


There are no mandatory meetings, mandatory time commitments, or mandatory mentoring structures associated with the CAMP program. Each mentoring pair will determine together whether they would like to pursue a formal mentoring experience or engage more informally as a mentoring pair.


Mentees generally participate in the program (1) traditionally through structured mentoring plans, (2) non-traditionally through assisted matching or coffee mentoring, and (3) through CAMP specialized mentoring programs such as group mentoring circles or trial attorney mentoring.


Details regarding all CAMP programs can be found below and on the “Mentoring Options” drop down” menu.

Traditional Mentoring Programs

CAMP is a CLE accredited program, offering 9 general and 2 ethics credits for the successful completion of a 12-month or six-month traditional mentoring program.

A traditional mentoring program is a structured and facilitated program which walks the mentoring pair through their relationship and focuses on broad categories such as:

  • Goal Setting
  • Personal and Professional Development, including wellness, work/life balance, and awareness of the importance of an inclusive and diverse profession
  • Engaging with the Colorado Bar and Legal Community
  • History and Importance of the Legal Profession
  • Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct, Professionalism, and Civility
  • Practical Legal Skills (Colorado courts and procedures)
  • Law Office Management and In-Office Procedures
  • Working with Clients
  • Access to Justice

Participants follow a pre-designed “mentoring track” which provides a structured outline of discussion topics, activities, and learning opportunities for the mentoring pair to engage around during their mentoring relationship.

Non-Traditional Mentoring Programs

On occasion, a CAMP mentee is seeking a mentoring experience that does not necessitate or would not benefit from a traditional mentoring engagement. For instance, a lawyer seeking coaching around a specific issue such as client development, obtaining leadership positions in a firm or legal organization, time management, etc.

In those situations, CAMP takes the lead in matching the mentee with a mentor who is experienced and knowledgeable in the relevant issue and assists the mentoring pair in initiating the relationship. The mentee then takes the lead in facilitating and maintaining the relationship without a formal plan.

The CAMP mentoring plans and Mentoring Resource Center are always available and accessible to the mentoring pair should they need assistance. These mentoring relationships are generally short term, lasting less than six months.

Although these mentoring relationships are brief and issue specific, they remain meaningful to the participants as the mentee receives the practical skills and knowledge he or she is seeking, while the mentor has the opportunity to give back to the profession and help to develop an inexperienced attorney without devoting significant time and effort.