A. Introduction to Bar Association and Networking

The following points are suggested for a discussion about the organized bar and the advantages of being involved in bar association activities:

  1. Attend any meeting/event of an organized bar association together and introduce the new lawyer to other lawyers in attendance at the event.
  2. Give the new lawyer examples of local, state, specialty, and national bar associations and discuss the differences among them. Examples:
    1. Local: Denver Bar Association, Arapahoe County Bar Association, Mesa County Bar Association, etc.;
    2. State: Colorado Bar Association;
    3. National: American Bar Association;
    4. Specialty: National Organization of Bar Counsel, Federal Bar Association, Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, Colorado Defense Lawyers Association, Association of Corporate Counsel, American Inns of Court, and Colorado Lawyers Association;
    5. Affinity: Hispanic National Bar Association.
  3. Provide to the new lawyer brochures or website links to local, specialty or national associations so that the new lawyer can review information about each in his or her spare time.
  4. Share with the new lawyer the association(s) in which the mentor is a member, the reasons the mentor chose to be involved in the association(s), the activities the mentor is involved in at the association(s), and how involvement in the association(s) has benefited the mentor.
  5. Discuss with the new lawyer what differences exist between Section(s) or Committee(s) of particular associations. Is a particular association more well-regarded in a substantive area over others (i.e., would the local bar association or state bar association be more helpful to further the new lawyer?s particular interests)?
  6. Provide to the new lawyer examples of activities one can become involved in as a member of an association. Discuss specific reasons why one may want to be involved in those activities. Emphasize opportunities presented by New/Young Lawyer Divisions within bar associations, which often offer free membership to new attorneys and provide educational programming, resources and publications, and an entry point for getting involved in bar activities.

The following points are suggested to facilitate a discussion about networking within the legal community and, in particular, to introduce the new lawyer to one or more attorneys with similar interests:

  1. Discuss the new lawyer?s interests, including professional interests. What type of contact(s) would be appropriate and helpful for the new lawyer to have?
  2. Select at least one attorney colleague having interests similar to the new lawyer (preferably outside the firm if the new lawyer also practices in the same firm) and arrange for a coffee or lunch meeting to introduce the new attorney to your colleague/friend. What shared interests do they have? What advice would your colleague have for the new lawyer to open opportunities for the new lawyer in the shared area(s) of interest?
  3. Discuss with the new lawyer your own networking experiences and the ways in which networking has helped you professionally and personally.