Coffee List

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What is the CAMP Coffee List?

Sometimes our mentees aren’t looking for a formal or structured mentoring program and are instead seeking a “cup of coffee mentor” who is available for short meetings to discuss career path questions, practice area issues, or to attend networking events.

How does it work?

By joining the CAMP Coffee List, Mentors agree to make themselves available to meet with mentees for coffee, breakfast, lunch, drinks, or to attend a bar association or legal organization event with a mentee. The mentor’s role is simply to answer questions, provide insight, and make introductions. Whether the mentor and the mentee develop their relationship into a formal or structured program is entirely at their discretion.

What is the benefit?

Mentoring comes in all different forms, just as mentors come in all different shapes and sizes. Traditional, formal mentoring may not work for all mentors and mentees. The CAMP Coffee List is designed to give mentees more options when it comes to connecting with Colorado’s legal community and finding seasoned and knowledgeable attorneys to provide sage advice and guidance.

Who should take advantage of the CAMP Coffee List?

Mentees in need of any of the following assistance should consider contacting a member of the CAMP Coffee List:

  • Seeking a “starting place” for networking within a certain practice area, bar association, or legal organization
  • In need of a more seasoned attorney to serve as a resource for practice area specific questions
  • Solo practitioners seeking other solo attorneys to serve as a resource for practice management questions
  • New lawyers looking for someone to accompany them to a bar association or legal organization event
  • Pursuing available leadership opportunities within a bar association or legal organization
  • Resume review
  • Informational interview
  • Alumni connection
  • Client referrals
  • Professionalism resources

What if I want to connect with someone outside of the Denver Metro Area?

CAMP Coffee List mentors are available to speak with you via telephone and skype. Regardless of your location, a CAMP Coffee List mentor is accessible to any interested mentee.

How do I participate?

Mentees should review the CAMP Coffee List located HERE and reach out to mentors of interest at your convenience.

Mentors interested in serving as a CAMP Coffee List mentor should complete the application found HERE. Once approved, your name, contact information, and relevant biographical details will be made available on the CAMP website.