Trial Attorney Mentoring

Getting face time in front of a judge or a jury is a relatively rare opportunity for new lawyers that also presents a chronic challenge for law firms. With the high cost of litigation, most cases settle before reaching the courts. But when they do, clients want experienced litigators making their arguments.

In many firms, associates spend their early years in the law library doing research for legal briefs or in front of tons of corporate documents doing tedious discovery for civil lawsuits, all on behalf of more senior attorneys. Courtroom appearances are rare, and the opportunity to argue a motion or cross-examine a witness is even more unlikely.

Indeed, trials are less common as the time and cost of pursuing litigation courtroommakes settling a case an economic alternative to putting a case in the unpredictable hands of a jury. As a result, it takes longer for new attorneys to get courtroom experience.

The Trial Attorney Mentoring Program is a pilot program developed by the Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program to give new lawyers early courtroom exposure to improve their trial practice skills.

The program provides access to federal and state judges to talk about courtroom protocol and places new attorneys with seasoned attorney mentors where they can try actual cases together.

The Trial Attorney Mentoring Program provides participants with a unique opportunity to gain real world jury or bench trial experience while receiving one-on-one coaching and mentoring from seasoned litigators.

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As a guide for those participating in the Trial Attorney Mentoring Program, click here for a PDF of the handbook.