Program Timeline

CAMP accepts mentee applications on a rolling basis throughout the year. Mentees participating in individual CAMP programs (i.e. those NOT participating in CAMP through a co-sponsored program) can begin their mentoring term at any time.

CAMP co-sponsored programs accept mentees on a rolling basis and during specific program terms during the year. If you are considering participating in CAMP through a co-sponsored program, please check with the facilitator of your program to learn when mentee applications are accepted and when mentoring terms begin.

CAMP requires that all formal mentoring tracks seeking CLE credit be completed in one year, but it is encouraged that the mentoring relationship continue informally after the term has ended.

Once you have decided when you want to begin your mentoring term (or you have determined the start date of the mentoring term for your co-sponsored program) the timeline below serves as a guide.

DeadlineT = January 1, first day of the mentoring Term, subtract or add accordingly Example date Action required
T – 1.5 months November 15 Deadline for Mentee to register with the participating organization
T – 1 month November 30 Deadline for mentor to submit Mentor Application to the  Director if mentor not already appointed
T – .5 months December 15 Deadline for Supreme Court to appoint Mentor
T January 1 Mentoring term begins
T + 1 month (end of 1st month) January 31 Deadline for Mentee to submit the Mentoring Agreement to organization
T + 6 months (end of 6th month) June 30 Deadline for Mentee to submit an interim report to organization regarding progress of program completion (the organization may choose not to include this step)
T +12 months (end of 12th month)


T + 6 months (end of 6th month, for 6-month program)

December 31



June 30

Deadline for Mentee and Mentor to submit Certificates of Completion, with attached completed Mentoring Plan and CLE Affidavit to  the  Director
T + 13 months (end of 13th month)


T + 7 months (end of 7th month, for 6-month program)

January 31



July 31

Deadline for  Director (1) to notify Mentee and Mentor of approval and (2) to transmit CLE Affidavits and Certificates of Completion to Board of CLE


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