Mentoring Tracks

CAMP recognizes that mentoring is necessary not just for the newly admitted attorney. Instead, we believe that attorneys can take advantage of mentoring at various times during their careers.  To that end, CAMP has developed specialized mentoring tracks to meet the needs of Colorado lawyers seeking mentoring because they fall into any of the following categories:

Each mentoring track can be modified by the mentoring pair to fit the specific needs of the mentee. However, to qualify for CLE credit, each track must cover certain subject areas including:

  • Initial Planning Meeting
  • Personal and Professional Development, including work-life balance, inclusiveness & diversity, and wellness
  • The Colorado Bar and Legal Community
  • History and Importance of the Legal Profession
  • Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct, Professionalism, and Civility
  • Practical Practice Area Experience
  • Law Office Management and In-Office Procedures
  • Working With Clients
  • Pro Bono & Civic Involvement

Mentoring pairs may choose to engage in a 12-month program, 6-month program, or informal mentoring program. However, only those mentoring pairs completing the 12 or 6 month program will qualify to receive CLE credits. For more information on CLE credit availability click here.

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