It is no surprise that state and local bar associations are struggling to maintain relevance and significance in a shifting legal profession. As more seasoned lawyers leave the practice for retirement, the influx of Millennial and Generation X lawyers requires local bar associations to address the values and diversity of a changing legal profession. Organizational leaders must consider the ways in which diversity and inclusivity can drive sustainability goals of local bar associations. This workshop will discuss ways to grow bar associations’ diversity and inclusivity initiatives to attract and retain the next generation of bar association membership. This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Diversity 101: Terminology, history, and statistics.
  • How to Assess Organizational Inclusiveness: Participants will learn why and how to assess the state of inclusivity in their organization as it pertains to diverse members. Included in this discussion is how to make the “business case” for inclusivity in your organization.
  • Practical Toolkit to Remove Institutional Barriers: Learn strategies your organization can employ to attract and retain talented, diverse members.