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CAMP-LOGO-1100_wide11.jpgThe concept of mentoring in the legal profession is as old as the profession itself. However, throughout the years, this concept has gotten lost causing new lawyers to struggle as they try to keep their feet on the ground. With the support of the Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program (CAMP), it is our hope that local bars throughout the state of Colorado will begin to reintroduce the concept of mentoring. New attorneys should not have to struggle alone; there are too many resources available. Mentoring is the key to reminding practiced attorneys about the oath they took and helping new attorneys to understand the meaning behind the oath.

TCLThe Mentoring Relationship: How to Make it Work and Why it Matters

This article identifies the elements of what makes a successful mentoring relationship. It provides tips on what good mentors and mentees do, based on input from those who have enjoyed successful mentoring relationships. – By Mark A. Fogg, Richard L. Gabriel, Margrit Lent Parker (Access the Full Article Here)