History & Objectives

On September 22, 2011 the Chief Justice’s Commission on the Legal Profession recommended to the Colorado Supreme Court the establishment of a statewide lawyer mentoring program in Colorado, which will be implemented through bar associations, inns of courts, law firms, agencies, and other legal organizations throughout the state. Since 2011 four pilot mentoring programs were organized, implemented and evaluated. As a result of the Commission’s work, the CAMP office was established in February of 2013 with the hiring of the first director. Rule 255 C.R.C.P. establishes CAMP as a component of the attorney regulation system under the Colorado Supreme Court.

The broad objectives of CAMP are to promote professional pride and identity in the legal profession; promote the pursuit of excellence in service to clients; and promote strong relationships between the bar, courts, clients, law schools and the public, through the teaching of the core values and ideals of the legal profession and training in the best practices for meeting those ideals.

CAMP is structured intentionally to be decentralized, so that individual groups and organizations, with designated facilitators, can carry out the program on a local level in a manner that fits the needs of the attorneys they serve. By encouraging the development of “grassroots” efforts to conduct mentoring programs, new attorneys will achieve more successful integration with their organization, local bar, or region.

Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program 2016 Annual Report

Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program  2018-2020 Strategic Plan

Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program 2017 Annual Report